Another storm

The storm that was once becoming calm
now trembles with thunder, lightening
and words of excitment and lust.
It is not drizzling anymore
and the water pours hard gushing
the liquid of life everywhere.

The umbrella is gone;
even if there was one, I would not
protect myself from this divine gift.
How I longed for a moment like this
triumph of time over a large period
of drought.
When you opened your mouth, the rain started.
We are soaking wet.

And that is exactly how
I want to be.
Complete, full, fulfilled
All because of you, because of
those combinations of sound
crying out for my mouth.
But that is not where fine
liquids come from.

Together we shall cause the rain.
Not one at a time, but the two
of us like it should be.
When clouds meet up in the sky
when lightening strikes
when a raindrop touches your ground
when two turns into one.

That is just nature being itself.
That is the beauty of life.

Postado por Mateus Campos


Daphne & Apollo

Even though I promise
I won’t bite, life often will.
When it does, let me help.
You drew a picture not on the window
but in my heart.

Your inner mirror shows a greatness
my eyes can see
although you stand near the ground.
Because a graveyard doesn’t mean
something bad and that is
what your face tells me.

I shall laugh at your jokes
and with you
no matter how different our choices.
always the heart, never the reason.

You don’t have to be afraid
of the unknown. Let your body
drift over the waves of the
new sea.
Then and only then
you will realize it was worth it.

Don’t you wish you were a tree
when I hold you in my arms.

Postado por Mateus Campos