There are some questions I won’t ever be able to answer. We think we know too much, that things can vary and change as time goes by. It is not true. I feel disgust at myself, and yet I can’t stop doing what I do. Will it die one day? When can I just sleep and never get up again to live in this stream of terrible things? But everything seems so nice, so innocent, so… good. And I don’t care if I hurt myself, but what if I hurt others? How can I look into kids’ eyes and tell them what is right and wrong? If I just go, will I really be missed? I wonder. If people knew me, I wouldn’t. How can I live with myself? I can’t. Hope you understand why I’m sailing away. Let me find a bank on the other side of this river where I will enjoy the sweet feeling of being alone, then nobody will know me at all and I won’t hurt you anymore.

– Suicide note found in a yard.

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