A child needs no one to play with
friends it will never hear of
the garden of lonely dreams to dream about
a life of terderness we all got to
miss the days of old, selfishless love.

Then, the girl I danced with
butterflies in my stomach, and the one to talk to
in life’s darkest hour, the angel I cannot part with
all the warm caress to fill my soul with
the touch of someone unique.

Adulthood, the reason I still cry for
you, whom I cherished through and through
a long dark tunnel I go into
the evening, a place  I will run to
take my hand and close my eyes.

The memento I want to be buried with
you by my side, a blessing to pray for
the last time a second will tick away
the sad moments I have caused and will account for
me, alone in the end with nobody I know, or like…

a child, who needs no one to play with…

Postado por Mateus Campos